Commercial Management Solutions

Our team of experienced realtors specializes in commercial property management services for businesses of all sizes. We provide all-round solutions for offices, retailers and other commercial clients. 

Our experienced property managers work to improve your asset value through strategic planning, operational assistance and ongoing analysis of market conditions. With America's Best Property Management, investing in commercial real estate has never been so stress-free!

Commercial clients turn to us because:

  • The property is absentee-owned

  • They lack the time or expertise to self-manage properties

  • They prefer to deal with a single company rather than multiple subcontractors, tenants, bureaucrats and more

  • They want a cost-effective solution for their property management

Benefits of America's Best Property Management:

  • Property Evaluation

We wil assess your property, make recommendations, and obtain the best price and quality tenant.

  • No Hassle Maintenance

No more 2am calls by tenants! We handle all the repairs, and won't bother you unless you request it. We use licensed and insured contractors to complete the work. We confirm if the tenant caused the problem and require payment if they did. No worries, because it's done.

  • Tenant Selection

We want good tenants just as much as you do. Applicants are required to complete a detailed rental application, meet minimum income and credit requirements, provide rental history and personal references that can be verified.

  • Security Deposits

For additional protection, appropriated security deposits are always collected upon completion of approved rental applications by a prospective tenant.

  • Rents Collected

All rent is due on the 1st of each month and is considered late if received after the 5th of the month. We feel that the collection of rent is the second most important function of managing your property.

  • Mortgage Payments

The number one recurring concern of any owner is “Will I be able to pay my mortgage on time?” With America’s Best, the answer is “YES!” All our owners know they can make their mortgage payment.


  • Accounting Services

Every transaction affecting your account balance is recorded and explained in the details. Copies of all orders and receipts are kept on file throughout the year.

  • Property Inspections

Our main job is to protect your investment property. We do this in two different ways. First, we make frequent drive-by inspection tours of your property. Second, we make regular preventive maintenance inspections of the interior of the property. 

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